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About Nike

It is primarily not necessary to be involved in a sport to be an Athlete. If you have a body that’s working fine, you are already an Athlete. The mission at Nike is simple, to bring innovation and creativity to people’s lives with their products. It is continuously inspiring people in energizing and expanding a human’s potential and capabilities. A known footwear manufacturing company was founded back in 1964 and is still able to mark its name among the pioneers of sporty athletic shoes with comfort like nowhere else. Sport innovations are continuously built at Nike while keeping it up with sustainability. Not just creating footwear, the American Multinational corporation is now indulged in manufacturing apparel, accessories and equipment as well. No matter if you are not a sporty person, Nike has got an amazing and ultimate pair of sneakers for you. It is a Go-To Destination for millions of people every year. Nike has been able to maintain its integrity and has gained trust from people worldwide. It is one of the most known and popular brands of its time and it still is. Ensuring to leave a positive impact on the community and being engaged in several Philantrophic activities is what makes Nike stand tall. It creates a positive impact wherever they work and operate. It has provided employment opportunities to thousands of people around the world. The team is diversified and chosen from all around the globe. Every individual who is working with Nike bears infinity love for sports and that’s how the team is empowered, diversified and satisfied. Nike is striving to protect the future of sports with its manufacturing. It has been using the power of sport to make the world move forward and stay healthy. It is breaking the barrier and stereotypes by empowering and investing in every gender for sports. That is why it says that if you have a body, you are an athlete. It is strongly believed by the store that bringing the best in the people can result in bringing the best to the world. The power of people and their capabilities can move the world forward. Whereas for creating a change in the planet and for solving its problems; solutions are not found by the stores perhaps it is created by the store. When the new generation means the kids are energetic and healthy, they can bring drastic change to the world with their power and willingness to create an impact. For making a better future, Nike has planned a better 2025 with goals and roles to be achieved. The targets are ambitious, progressing, enthusiastic and aspiring. Making an impact in local communities is more difficult than creating it in big communities. Nike focuses on building a better future for local communities and athletes. Creating access to sport for kids who don’t have one is the targetted goal of Nike because every kid should freely have access to every sport. Keeping their bodies healthy while nurturing their minds with positivity is the key. 


Let’s talk about the offerings Nike has which is loved by people around the world for decades. Nike is serving Women’s apparel and essentials, Men’s apparel, and essentials and kid’s shoes and essentials. The major focus still stays on Shoes. They offer Basketball shoes, sports shoes, gym and training shoes, Jordan shoes, running shoes, football shoes and shoes for everyone belonging to any kind of sports for both men and women. In Kid’s, they offer a wide range of kids and toddler sports shoes, running shoes, Jordan shoes, clothing, kids socks, kids backpacks, kids football shoes and basketball shoes. In clothing, Nike offers natty and jazzy modest wear, jackets, hoodies, pullovers, tracksuits, gym suits, trousers, leggings, jeggings, tights, compressions, Nike pro, shirts, shoers, tops, T-shirts and every essential needed by a flamboyant sporty person. Even if you don’t like to sport but loves to stay cozy and comfortable in sporty clothing, Nike has got breathable hanging out or dropping in sets and duo for you. Comfortable shoes are also offered for daily wear and casual wear. Another exciting part is that you can get a pair customized as per your demands. Similarly, family sets can be customized too. Your family can rock wearing the same comfortable pair of shoes on a hilly road trip or beachside maybe. Isn’t it a bonus to own a pair of shoes that looks good and run well too? A customer ultimately feels good out of the feeling of comfort and its chic appearance. 

Why wear a Comfortable Pair of Shoes?

There are uncountable benefits of wearing comfortable shoes and it has a positive impact on your health and overall mood. If you are wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes that don’t make you feel happy and are annoying to your feet at the same time can be super disturbing. An uncomfortable pair of shoes can directly impact your posture, therefore, resulting in severe health and alignment issues. The support that’s needed for staying comfortable with a pair of shoes is deeply researched and studied by Nike and it never fails in satisfying its customers. A comfortable pair of shoes will help you in reducing foot pain. Along with that, it will reduce the risk of emerging pain in joints and muscles. In addition to it, it can help in maintaining a correct posture. Nike focuses on using material that is breathable, soft, good-looking and trendy at the same time. Don’t compromise on your health in order to buy an inexpensive and cheap pair of shoes. A comfortable shoe lasts longer and has a life of 3-4 times the inexpensive shoes you buy to save a bug. Don’t let your feet stay under the attack of uncomfortability and fatigue. Spending a needed amount on the right shoes is necessary because it directly affects your health. We make a lot of efforts every day to stay healthy in terms of diet, gym, healthy food, extra care, multivitamins and what not? Wearing the wrong pair of shoes can ultimately result in a negative impact on health and the body.

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