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Initially serving the market in dropshipping, the company did not know it would come this far in the fast fashion industry on an international level. Shein was founded back in 2008 in Nanjing, China. It has now become a popular Chinese fast-fashion retailer serving more than 7 Million users per month. The main target offering of the company is women’s apparel, activewear and trending accessories. Moreover, it also has a range of children’s and Men’s apparel, shoes, bags and other fashion items that are famous. Committed to serving its mission “ Everyone should enjoy the beauty of fashion”. The company is delivering its products to more than 150 countries. Isn’t it a success to capture such a giant piece of the market? The customers are loyal and highly satisfied with whatever they buy and are committed to buying from the company only whenever they need to. Not just focusing on women’s apparel, it largely focuses on Teen dresses as well. It perhaps offers clothes, accessories and shoes for every demographic and geography of the world. Furthermore, the best part of why customers and consumers stick to the brand and do not dwell anywhere else is because of its prices. The price of each product is extremely pocket friendly and affordable that doesn’t cost you shells. There are big ongoing sales on the website to assist everyone’s needs under a budget. It is committed to bringing fast-changing and trending styles to the market instantly. If you are looking for formal dresses with minimal details and sophistication or graphically bold printed tees with shouting colors, Shein has it all for you. It is a one-stop shop where you can match and contrast your entire look from one place that’s economical and fashionable at the same time. You can dig into the chic fashion dresses, beach dresses Boho dresses, professional office going dresses, casual daily wear dresses, trending swimwear or activewear, smart and fabulous lingerie, blouses, loungewear, jumpsuits, bodysuits, tank tops, crop tops, camisoles, bottoms, sweatshirts, denim, jeans, skirts, trousers and what not? Not just this, the store offers a wide and fashionista range of Accessories such as hair bands, trending clips, bandanas, high-quality fashionable jewelry, voguish handbags, modish and up to the minute dresses and watches. 

Another exciting part is that the website offers invigorating clearance sales throughout the year. Another surprise is that in the deal of the day, you can shop for 4 products for 20 Euros. In addition, you can get your hands on chic and trendsetting products starting for as low as 1,99 Euros. Indulge in a mesmerizing experience of shopping with popular brands on the daily deals of the day. Another good news is that it has a range of fashion apparel for extra size and plus-sized curved bodies. The extra weighted women don’t have to lag back when it comes to fashion and chic dresses. The company is striving to provide modish and voguish apparel and accessories to its customers while keeping up with the fast-changing fashion and trends. It ensures that the quality is up to the mark and it meets the customers expectations. Everything at Shein is manufactured in house with love and care. The company makes sure not to compromise on quality and material. Every product is designed using heavy and modern machinery that is able to give attention and fulfill every needed detail of the style. Even manpower is used when needed because some designs requires hand woven and hand embroidery. Experienced and professional craftsmanship is only used by the company for manufacturing its products. After manufacturing and completing, the dresses and accessories and everything manufactured at Shein goes through an inspection and testing to check whether its meeting quality assurance or not. Every piece is checked attentively at Shein. The products and dresses at Shein are overlocked and reliable. Detailed photographs along with model pictures are available to let customers see the details and then decide to purchase. There are a lot of collaborations with models and photographers offered by Shein, get a chance to be  apart of it if you are among one of the coolest skilled photographer or a talented model. The company makes sure that the packaging is adequately and carefully made to avoid any damage or inconvenience the products after completion are packed, transferred and loaded on an air cargo to reach its designated customers as soon as possible. 

The company has an exclusive and fascinating range of Sheglam makeup products as their own manufacturing in the cosmetics line. You can find everything in makeup be it eye palettes, blush, lipsticks, lip care, foundation, concealer, illuminator, highlighter, liner, mascara, eyebrow kit, color corrector, palettes and what not? There’s a wide range in beauty tools such as makeup brushes, eyelashes, nail art, nail kits, makeup bags, makeup tools, facial tools, hair tools and every basic or advanced tool you are looking for. An exciting line of body care, hair care, skincare, facial products, oral care, hair wigs and lip care products are available at Sheglam by Shein. The reviews of their makeup products are amazing whereas keeping it minimal in prices. Isn’t it astonishing? There is a clearance sale going on the website and you can also avail the buy one get one free offer on cosmetics and makeup products. Shop now! You can now fulfill your fashion needs and steal the look from head to toe with Shein and its offerings. Whether it is a dress, makeup products, catchy handbag, stylish shoes or trending jewelry. You can find honest reviews and ratings given by genuine customers and see how Shein worked for them. A whole guide by experienced experts are available when choosing dress, makeup, watch, bedding, shoes, bags or anything from the website is available. The customer care service is available 24/7 to serve you and answer your queries instantly. The team works professionally and for your convenience they can communicate in major languages spoken around the world.

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