How to Create A Capsule Wardrobe

You would always see me appreciating and encouraging those people who invest less in clothes. However, even though I have great inspiration for designer brands, purchasing one means my bank will suffer. So, unless there is a massive discount for an excellent quality product, you can count me out of it. 

You can say that I am a sucker for procuring clothing items at affordable prices. Over the past couple of months, I didn’t feel quite like myself in the current selection of wardrobe I had, which Encouraged me to go around and look for clothing essentials. For someone like me, clothing has always been a form of expression of one’s identity. You can instantly make certain assumptions about people depending on the type of attire they are wearing. Looking chic without going bankrupt is an art, and over the years of my life, I have somewhat become amateur at it. 

The last time I started Curating My capsule wardrobe, I was inspired, it had me excited in rifts, and I could see a whole range of avenues, which made me wonder and curious about creating a capsule wardrobe for the fall season. Nevertheless, apart from savings, there are several functions a capsule wardrobe will serve.

Why Create A Capsule Wardrobe?

This is a common occurrence that each of us spends at least 20 minutes and sometimes up to hours thinking about which outfits would be a good fit for the day ahead. Even with a closet fully packed with clothes, we often find ourselves asking the much dread question, “what Do I wear today?”. Everything you pull out either does not fit or looks good on you, and the pile of rejected clothes grows bigger on your bed as you run out of time and options. You head out for the day without giving up the last outfit you put on. 

This process of not finding anything good to wear leads you to a shopping mall where again, you find yourself at the mercy of random stylists who know nothing about you and make recommendations for the items you should. Eventually leading to addition to the big pile of clothes you would never wear. Something Psychologists refer to as analysis paralysis. The Same reason you can not find a show to watch on Netflix. 

A minimalist wardrobe or a capsule wardrobe reduces the possibility of options as analyzing your option from the latitude of choice can get overwhelming and helps you make faster decisions with a composed list of essentials. The whole idea results in less clutter more space for items you actually need and. What should be those lists of essentials? 

  • T-shirts, Polos, shirts, and Henleys:

Two sets of quality t-shirts in neutral tones do the trick for me. T-Shirts are fundamental to any great outfit. They can be used as a building block to an outfit or worn by themselves.  

Exploring color options is not necessarily a bad idea but with classic monochrome colors i.e., black and white. Not only are you never out of style but it also gives you a range of avenues to explore while collaborating the color combination with a number with both the variation of pants. On the other hand, polos are my go-to favorites in this arena of tops. They provide the sheer elegance that helps in creating the smart casual look, which is both business and casual hangout appropriate. Oxfords that are buttoned up will cover most of your work-related needs. 

Nevertheless, with T-shirts, you can choose from trendier loose baggy styles or go for the conventional muscle fit. What matters is getting quality bare essentials from a renowned source like pull and bear, which are bound to last you a reasonable period of time if taken care of in the proper manner.

  • Pair Of Pants

Opting for a neutral tone with your tops makes it easier for you to style those items with the least number of bottoms. Dark-washed jeans that can also sub as intelligent casual for workplaces and can quite easily come in handy for casual hangs during the weekend or off-days. I would recommend opting for a darker shade of denim or jeans as they tend to last longer (Denim fades its color after washes), but it also makes it easier for you to mix and match.

On the other hand, chinos are perfect for creating a dressier look as they are extremely comfortable and bring versatility with style. I would recommend opting for a colored pair of chinos such as olive green or khaki, as it will compliment your pre-existing or earlier mentioned range of tops while blending quite easily with blazers and jackets.

  • Jackets And Blazer

Having options that are versatile and timeless are a crucial aspect of a minimalist wardrobe. This is why make sure that the pieces you opt for are neutral tones, as they not only bring versatility but are also timeless. This means that these neutral color attires will always be in style. For the sole reason, I suggest a navy blazer, which compliments light-colored shirts and works its way around the dark-colored shirts just as great. A blazer is a jacket for all types of gatherings and meetings. You can wear it at work and to your neighborhood friends to create an innovative business casual look.

On the other hand, a jacket brings a range of options in a casual setting. While there is a good range of jacket options, I suggest opting for a black bomber jacket. These jackets are easy to put on and hand in hand with your T-shirts, polos, and even Henley for everyday hangouts or a guys’ night out!

  • White Sneakers and Black Boots

From time to time, you would see me talking about how critical white sneakers are to the wardrobe. The sleek designs when we talk about white sneakers have become a wardrobe staple for men. As mainstream fashion is minimized, most workplaces have started accepting smart casuals in the workplace. These smart casual shoes are versatile and eliminate the gap between innovative and elegant styles. These pairs of sneakers go well with blazers, jackets, everyday casual tees, and even formal shirts. The comfortable casual chunky sole trainers are the most sought-after footwear in recent times. 

For a dressier occasion, black boots are the rounder you would like to have in your wardrobe. You can opt for either slip-on or oxfords, but my personal preference is black leather Lace-up boots by pull and bear as they appreciate my casual outfits just as well. 

Accessories are an optional aspect of curating the perfect minimalist wardrobe. However, they can instantly style up an outfit. A watch on work occasions which is not a necessity anymore, looks like a missing puzzle of the ensemble if not on the wrist. Similarly, it can be used as a great form of expression by using personalized accessories. Socks, undergarments, and belts all of these items fall under accessories. You can get these items as per your preference. But the recommended number is not less than 8. You should at least have eight pairs of socks, four ankle length and four full. It would not hurt to have a collection of underwear that can last you for at least a week.


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