Top 5 Best Selling Products by Ghia

Welcome to Ghia, where delightful non alcoholic beverages redefine your drinking experience. Get ready for a sip of pure freshness and flavor.

Ghia is a spirit free drink with a refreshing taste. The brand is popular for offering a booze free drink prepared from botanical ingredients. Ghia has managed to set a strong foothold in the nonalcoholic beverages industry. Thanks to the quality, freshness, taste, and variety of drinks they offer the audience. 

We have curated a list of some of their best selling products which include standalone drinks, and bundles.

5 Bestsellers From Ghia 

This list of Ghia drinks offers numerous products. Following is the list of their top selling products that you can opt for. 

The Bestseller Bundle

As the name implies, the bestseller bundle by Ghia is high in demand among customers. It is available in two different flavors, the original and the berry flavor. You can buy the bestseller bundle for only USD 89.00. 

The bundle contains a 500 ml bottle of Aperitif, and a 12 pack of Le Spritz in flavors of Ghia Soda, Ghia Ginger, Lime and Salt, and Sumac and Chilli. All the drinks in the bundle are vegan friendly, with no added sugar and artificial flavors. 

Sweet Set

The Sweet Set comes with 1 Berry Aaperitif and 2 Crunchy Ghianduja. You can add ice cream or ice cubes to enhance the flavor of the set. You can buy the Sweet Set for USD 56.00, easy monthly installments of USD 14.00 per month are also available. 

Le Spritz Variety Pack

If you are confused about what flavor is perfect for your tastebuds or you are having a slumber party. In the Le Spritz Pack, buyers can choose from 12, 24,36, or even 108 drinks. You can buy the pack of 12 for USD 60.00. 

In terms of flavors, you get four different flavors, depending on what you choose for the variants. The basic variant comes with Ghia Soda, Sumac & Chilli, Lime & Salt, and Ghia Ginger. This variety pack has Ghia Reviews of five stars from verified buyers. 

The First Sip Kit

If you are new to Ghia, the first sip kit is ideal for you, it comes with a 250 ml bottle of Aperitif in original or berry flavor, and a 4 pack of Le Spritz with Ghia Ginger, Ghia Soda, Lime and Salt, and Sumac and Chilli flavors. 

It has no added sugar, alcohol, or artificial flavors, and vegan friendly. You can buy the First Sip Kit for USD 50.00 or pay 12.50 per month in 4 installments. 

Holiday 4 Pack

The Holiday 4 Pack has the option of 12, 24, 36, or 108 cans that you can opt for. All drinks are made with natural ingredients. Similar to other bundles, Holiday 4 Pack also has Ghia Soda, Ghia Ginger, Lime and Salt, and the Sumac and Chilli flavors. You can buy the Holiday 4 Pack for USD 60.00. 

Ghia Drinks stands out as a beacon of non alcoholic brilliance. Their commitment to manufacture, booze free drinks has not only set them apart but has also left a lasting impression on the customers. Beyond the delectable taste, the commitment to transparency in ingredients and the inclusion of potent botanical extracts reaffirm their dedication to their audience. Stay tuned to Healthinfolife for exclusive discounts and deals for Ghia Drinks.

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